Regentech: Repair of radio, power, solar and telecom equipment

RegenTech provides a wide range of fast and cost-effective turnaround solutions for a wide range of electronic equipment for your single or multi-country operation. In addition to repairs of current and legacy products, we offer complete refurbishment and advance supply of replacement units with extended warranty. Major areas, such as Radio Access Network (RBS, BSC/RNC, RET), Transport (Microwave, Optical), Power (Rectifiers, Inverters, UPS, Controllers), Professional Sound (Amplifiers, Processors) and other are addressed. Global and local players, active in telecommunications, solar, oil & gas, transportation, entertainment and utilities form our actual customer base.

Repair & Test Facilities

The combination of highly trained in-house engineers, complemented by multi-area workshops & test rooms, with several sources of quality components form the basis for our "first time right" approach to repairs & refurbishments, securing that ready units are fully functional within their intended environment.


RegenTech carries a large stock of tested second-user and new equipment, which is immediately available for advance replacement or purchase. In addition to that, we are able to source the required equipment or specific parts through our wide range of industry contacts. Just send us your request!